Saturday, May 8, 2010


Many spiritual masters talk about the need to surrender to a higher force. Quite frankly, I was alwas a bit puzzled how exactly do you get there. If, for example, you say "I am not my body" or "I must not look at my brothers and sisters in a sexual way", all you do is to repress who you are and this will come back to bite you. So how exactly do you surrender?

Some desires fall off naturally as you walk merrily along your spiritual path. The feeling of "been there, done that" is actually a big step forward in your spiritual evolution. But then there are personal traits that you just can't shake off. Be honest about it with yourself. Repeating 100 times each day that you are not these desires doesn't make them go away. You are them, otherwise you wouldn't be struggeling right now.

This process of dismantling your personality is similar to beating an addiction. You always try to shake it off, but you never quite manage until the negative consequences start accumulating. At one point you have to decide to change your way or you lose something that is really dear to your heart; it is then that you shake off your old skin and never look back. Surrendering to the life force ships away your edges. Your spiritual journey is simple really - surrender to the moment and let life take you home.

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