Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Fisher and his Wife (With Alternate Ending)

There was a once a fisher who went every day out to the sea to catch some fish. One day he caught a beautiful golden fish. To his surprise the fish could speak and offered to fulfill him 3 wishes if he let him go. The fisher said he had none and put the fish back in the sea anyway. When he told his wife the story she got upset and said he should have asked for a big house. So the fisher had to go back and the wish was granted by the fish. Still the wife wasn't happy, she asked for a palace afterwards, then she wanted to be queen. All wishes were granted. Finally, the fisher had to ask the fish on behalf of his wife to become God - the fourth wish - and she lost everything.

In the second story, the fisher actually has a wish when he catches the golden fish. He says that he and his wife would like to live in a bigger house and the wish got granted. After some reflection, he goes back to the sea and asks for a palace. After some reflection he goes back and asks to be a king. When he goes the fourth time, he said, you know, instead of just asking for things and positions I would like to request the power to create. The fish declined and said that he was only offered 3 wishes. But then he added, it was your belief in my power that got you all that. Find this power inside yourself and go for the stars. Farewell.

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