Thursday, July 8, 2010

Synchronicity or Superego?

He was an aspiring spiritual path traveler and constantly received messages from the universe. Life gave little nudges to him along his journey which made it fun and gave him the feeling of being connected. But then one day as he programmed his subconscious mind in order to manifest a salary raise, he suddenly got a toothache. It was then when he remembered the words of the Lord, "Thou shall not use My Name in vain".

When you observe this story, you probably conclude with me that the superego of our spiritual path traveler acted up. The toothache was generated by his notion of God and his fears. But then, for those of you who have observed the fascinating synchronicity of life like me, how do we know which signs are self-inflicted by our fears? But then, does it really matter? Fact of the matter is that our spiritual traveler likes to be connected to a higher FORCE and by running after money he loses that connection. Fact of the matter is, his toothache is both, superego and the lack of connectedness. 

A spiritual path is an ongoing choice, who are you really inside? The world is just a mirror of who you think you are. Keep polishing this mirror until you see your beautiful SELF.

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