Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Creative Spiritual Journey

Walking on a spiritual path doesn’t mean that life is treating us any better than anyone else. Being a spiritual traveler is more of a commitment to lead a life full of awareness of what is going on below the hood and a promise to create something wonderful based on whatever it is life has given us.

We spiritual travelers are just like everyone else. We experience greed, anger, sadness, pain, arrogance and lust just like the fellow next door.  The difference is that we agree to experience all these occurrences with openness, understanding and forgiveness. We don't think that we are victims of life. We are on a journey Home and life is just perfectly designed to get us there. The key to getting this mission done is creativity. We start with the premise that there is always a creative solution out there to manifest what we aspire to experience.

We experience negative energy states too. However, with the help of observation and will-power we know that we can just suck it up and transform it. It is hard work, yet it can be done. With this realization we step outside of the dark energy cloud and choose love instead. Yet, it would never occur to us to condemn anyone who just loses it in the destructive moment. We have been there too - we are not better than anyone else!

We work hard like everyone else. Many aspire to have something, we aspire to be something: free from the subconscious patterns that dictate our lives. Very much like addictive people try to escape their destructive patterns, we aim to free ourselves from ego's rule. You always have to be on the alert. Whether it can be done remains to be seen, but that's our mission anyway.

Yes, we still make mistakes and we still struggle like everyone else. However, none of these missed steps will stop our commitment to explore our spiritual path. Once you have tasted the sweet fruits of freedom you can never go back. We won’t waste our time to complain about what is still missing; to the contrary, we are busy creating something wonderful from what we are given. We thank the Way for what we got!

Life is a present!  We cherish it and hope we can encourage you to join us. Creativity is ours to capture - we can access it every step if the Way.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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