Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mind the Mind

It is not that hard to figure out where addictions come from. Play a video game and see how it sucks you in. Observe your desires and see how you want to be be where you think you are not: more professional success, more power at work, more sex, a "hotter" body, a trophy spouse, more material affluence, etc. And then there are the many fears, the pain and boredom. And while you are happy to go for pleasure rides, as far as the bad stuff is concerned, all you want to say is, stop this now!

As we all know that there are many addictions and addictive behaviors. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, video games, sex, over-eating, work or shopping. It doesn't matter what it is, the impact on the brain is always the same, you experience a temporary relief, an instant gratification, only to be followed by even more boredom, anguish, fear or greed after the high fades. Anyone who has been exposed to addiction knows that there is no alternative, sooner or later you have to put this behind you.

Has it happened to you that you looked at your neighbor's yard and concluded that the grass on his side is simply greener? Why is that the case? Why can't we look down and see the beauty of our grass? Why can't we feel its texture or admire the fact that a bunny comes every morning to eat from it. No, we start with our neighbor's pristine looking grass and decide that we want to have the same mansion. Figure out the trick that the mind plays on you and step out of it. It is very much in your power to do so.

Shakespeare once said that nothing is either good or bad, only thinking makes it so. That's it! Many have commented on the Power of Now. You get absorbed by what is rather than what could be, or what could have been or what should be. You can practice this Power of Now. When you stand in front of your neighbor's house and admire your neighbor's grass, you can take off your shoes and experience the texture of the ground you are standing on instead. You can get on your knees and smell the fragrance of the flowers next to you. It is always at your disposal to experience what is.

Don't make the mistake of blaming the drugs, the alcohol, the video games or the porn on the internet. These so-called temptations are there to help you find who you truly are. We often need a trigger to stumble on a spiritual path. Once you discover the beauty of the Power of Now, you spend a life time experiencing it. The temptation to escape from what is, from downing out the pain, from avoiding the boredom you feel or the ugliness you see is everywhere.

Stepping away from addiction means taking a step closer towards life. You fall in love with what is, and you gather the will-power to accept what is; the ugliness, the loneliness, the greed, the lust, and the fickle nature of your mind. Of course it is in your power to beat whatever it is that bothers you; don't be afraid, don't be ashamed and don't be intimidated.

Respect the temptations, pressures and wake-up call along the way.The Bible says, "Be still and know I am God." That's really all there is. Find our who you truly are once your mind is still. Until that blessed experience, observing your monkey mind at work is all you can do.

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