Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Everything Just Is

Nothing is either good or bad, only thinking makes it so.
(William Shakespeare)

You receive some "bad" news, say your sweet-heart declines going on a date with you, or  a colleague gets the attention that you think you deserve, or you are getting sick. Acknowledging and accepting bad news is always a process. Negative emotions have to be digested, so please give yourself time to recover.

Recover you will. A Tao traveler will tell you that everything just is. There is no good or bad; there is only yin and yang that you can certainly observe for yourself. Whenever someone appears to be on top of the world the next decline is just around the corner. And whenever someone falls as low as it gets, the renaissance is already in the making.

Peace is yours when you realize this secret. If everything just is, then what is there to sweat about? If everyone experiences the yin and yang of life, why should one ever be jealous? We are not saying that you can experience life's ups and downs emotionless, our ego will always have an opinion on the subject. But we are saying that it is in your power to avoid a down-spiral when things are supposedly not going your way, just as you avoid falling into an ego-maniac phase when they do.

There is a Force working in the background that works out your life story. Let go of all the existential fears and just accept whatever comes your way. Successes will get you closer to your destination, while losses will get you closer to your Self. Either way, everything just is, and in its own weird way, is just perfect as is. Enjoy!

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