Thursday, June 19, 2014

Breaking the Chains of Destiny

She is the youngest daughter of a big family and her father treated her like a pearl. Maybe it was because she was the youngest, but most likely it was because she truly looked like a jewel. She looked beautiful, people would stop in the street to look at her beautiful face. Somehow she had it all. She was also extremely smart and talented too. So it was no wonder that her father spoiled her.

 Her father sent her to school even though at that time in Asia it was unusual for a girl to attend school. Unfortunately she had been spoilt by her father. Despite her talents, she didn't feel like studying. After marrying she passed on her habits to her children. As it turned out, she spoilt her youngest daughter in exactly the same way her father had raised her. She accommodated every fancy of the young girl. She didn’t let her do any housework and whenever she complained, she would just let her have it her own way.

Many years have passed and the little daughter now has a family of her own. One day, childhood memories popped up and she suddenly understood the chains of destiny. She lives her life and raises her family just as her mother raised her, who in turn got her habits from her dad. It is almost as if someone gives you a script of life, and you turn out the way it was predestined to be. All of a sudden, she understands how powerfully we are all shaped by our subconscious ways.

Walking a spiritual path is all about transcending the robot inside. There are artificial parts of "you" that have been handed down to you that you can safely put aside, and then there are authentic parts to you that you can still bring to the fore. Realize the "you" that is slumbering deep inside and break the chains of destiny forever.

By Su Zhen

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