Friday, June 6, 2014

Writing and Life

Are you a spiritual writer? What gets your creative juices flowing? For me, in order to write, I need solitude and peace. It seems that God only talks to me this way.  When I lead a quiet life, it is like I leave a door open for God to visit me. The problem with a busy schedule and many social gatherings on the other hand, the voice in my head just wouldn't shut up. It is true what they say, wherever the ego is, God can't be.

Whenever I try to listen, whenever I get in touch with my Self, I become so silent, which by itself is quite a pleasant experience.  The only drawback is, there is little to write about when I feel content and peaceful. The only thing I can write about is just this experience - peace and silence.

So it turns out creativity, drive and inspiration really comes from allowing a busy and challenging schedule from time to time. That's the magnificent Tao in action. Everyone gets just the right mix of challenges, confrontations, pleasures and harmony to advance along their spiritual path and to be in a position to tell others about it.

So it turns out that challenges and struggles are disguised presents from the Way. Once you realize this fact it is easy to look forward to facing all the issues that life confronts you with. Pleasure or pain, friends or adversaries, peace or struggle, everything is carefully planed to guide you Home. Let the Tao decide what tomorrow will bring. Chances are, there will be something exciting to share with you!

By Su Zhen

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