Friday, July 11, 2014

Nothing Matters and Everything Does

Do you want to know what my secret is? I don't care!
(J. Krishnamurti)

I read this quote in one of Eckhart Tolle's book and could relate to it. The longer you travel a spiritual path the more you feel at peace with what is. Either way, you know that things will turn out to be meaningful to you. It is a nice feeling to have. You become completely unbiased and open to the present moment.

Just be mindful though, it is easy to fool yourself thinking that you don't care, though if you really monitor your posture, if you carefully listen to every spoken word and the intonation of your voice you realize that you in fact do care. Don't aim to reach that state, but be proud and happy when you do care. It is a beautiful mission to have as long as you are aiming for the right things.

I actually would state J. Krishnamurti's sentiment a little differently: along the Way nothing matters and everything does!

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