Thursday, July 10, 2014

Removing the a Needles Under the Skin

A spiritual path is really an advanced refinement of our nature. We are human yet we aspire to be divine. We act according to the better angels of our nature. We are nice, we are honest, we are truthful, we are loving, we are considerate and we look out for others in whatever we do.

Try being "spiritual" in all aspects of what this mission entails for you personally and then explore what side-effects come with it. To your surprise, the pressure inside maybe rising instead of falling; hidden aggression, restlessness, or disappointments. Perhaps you fall sick as your subconscious lets you know that you are in over your head.

There is only one requirement for walking a spiritual path and that is extreme honesty, otherwise you are likely to waste many years of a merry-go-around with "yourself". It is ok to have dark night episodes, it is ok to fall sick, it is ok to have disguised anger outburst or panic attacks. Only one thing is not ok, to brush the conflict aside as if it was a meaningless distraction. Every contradiction within, every missed step along the Way must be accepted with extreme sincerity. The 85 percent of the time spent with a spiritual mindset is still not the "you" that you are running after. Find a way of bringing 100 percent of a yet to be discovered "you" along.

If you live your spiritual path and the imbalances are rising, adjust something. Experiment and see what works for you. Have a second look at so-called taboo activities or self-imposed limitations. Find a way to make the stuff that attracts you spiritually kosher. Or understand why some needles seem to hide beneath your skin and there is little you can do about it. Yet, suffering is meaningless. Understanding brings transcendence. The battle of humanity and divinity always has a resolution in store for you. But you have to be willing to look first!

If you walk your spiritual path it is fairly natural that a dark side pops out somewhere; ask for the authentic needs that the demon has in store for you: more power, more wealth, more sex, more connections. You figure out what it is that you aren't granting to yourself in the name of spirituality. Don't just sit there! Do something about the conflict and find a way to live with yourself!

Being a spiritual traveler is a full contact sport. It is a soul searching and a transformative event. You are about to change but not just as your mind thinks, but also as your body feels. When you are done exploring you are an expert at seeing, an expert at perceiving, you are in tune with your feelings and you will think what your "system" knows anyway. Your mind is still, your body and soul are at peace and the needle in the haystack has finally been found.

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