Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On Transcending Duality

There is duality in everything. When you are in awe of the Madonna you may also have a morbid fascination with the whore. When you are in search of the hero, monsters of your own making will have to to pop up. When you identify yourself with a country, a religion or a political party, "enemies" will have to be guarded against.

All that is the logical conclusion of duality. It is essentially a product of your own mind. When you read the Tao Te Ching you would at times conclude that it has been written by a scientist. The duality of life is explained by a distant observer who stands outside, not to be touched by life's ongoing fluctuation of yin and yang.

Yet on many occasions Lao-Tzu reports a Force, a Holy Mother, an eternal Source, that somehow seems to be present behind all the duality. The question is, how to get to this Force without being caught in the castles of our creative mind. The answer to that problem is observation: you can see and experience this Force behind everything. Don't presume you know how this Force speaks to you - just keep your eyes open. You stand with both feet planted in life and you literally see what is coming your way.

Do you know the psychological trick that you can either see a duck or a rabbit on a specially designed picture? Same with viewing either a chalice or an old woman. Actually, the trick only works a few times for when you have seen this trick often enough, you in fact can see simultaneously both images. This is also the spiritual break-through Lao-Tzu reported many thousand years ago in the Tao Te Ching when he suddenly saw a Force shining through all the duality. This is the moment of awakening when you suddenly "see" that you have a choice. Yes, you can step outside of the ego versus God duality: when ego and love can perceived at the same time, the choice is a simple one.

So it turns out that you can encounter God with a scientific mindset. As you transcend the duality of our mind you are not left with "nothingness". You discover instead an incredibly creative and loving Force. We encourage you to plunge right in.

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