Monday, September 22, 2014

Resolving Conflicts Along the Way

Kerry Spackman presented a great idea in his book, 'The Winner's Bible': why don't we put everything that really matters to us in a book. His concept is presented in the Law of Attraction spirit arguing that we can get whatever we set our heart on as long as we visualize and believe it. I would recommend using his methodology a little differently. We spiritual travelers want to go Home, and along this path we have to solve many conflicts; the endless clashes of ego and spirit. I believe Kerry Spackman's methodology can be very helpful resolving these conflicts.

What conflicts have you discovered inside? Is there something that you want to get that your spiritual super-ego frowns on? Maybe you like sex but you discover that your partnership has lost some of its steam. Maybe you aspire to have beautiful luxury items but your low-paying job puts them out of your reach. And maybe you like climbing the corporate ladder but you find that someone is holding you back; and you mind that very much. And maybe you live like a monk would without realizing that you repress what is truly meaningful to you in the name of spirituality.

We in the spiritual community claim that love trumps the ego; we feel that compassion and consideration overpowers the 'me, myself and I' cry. The problem though, until we truly experience this paradigm for ourself, we will always fluctuate between what the ego wants and what our spiritual conscience tells us to do. Yet, the paradigm is true and once we discover oneness and love in everything we do, all conflicts are a thing of the past. 

Every conflict of interest is life's invite to find the Way. Being conflicted just means that we have to revise our life story a little. Never compromise on your mission to perceive love and oneness in every situation, but be open to revise some of your spiritual norms when you have to. When desires and our notion of holiness clash, maybe it is time to say no to our ego, or just maybe, it is an opportunity to revise our notion of holiness a little. Write down everything your heart desires, even if some goals clash. If something is meaningful, the Way will make it work for us. Our conflicts define our spiritual growth, set us up for transcendence and provide meaningful insights along the Way. Let the Tao write your life story without any conflicts and fulfilling for your soul.

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