Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Journey of Creation

Walking a spiritual path will launch a creative journey; an act of co-creation with God so to speak. It is not that we weren't creating before we walked the Tao, we just did it with our own agenda in mind. We created something that we craved for; unfortunately, we also created unconsciously troubles for ourselves. Whenever the "I" is involved, imperfection will meddle with perfection. But all that changes as a Tao traveler. Even if you are not yet completely merged with God, you will start seeing the perfection even amidst the imperfection.

We accept whatever Tao brings in our life and take these happenings as our ingredients; we mix them up with our drives and cook up a meal that feeds many mouths, not just us. Isn’t it a beautiful realization that no matter what happens to you, everything is in a strange way an encouragement of the Way to create something wonderful? Once you truly get this insight, you are all-set for life. Whatever She confronts you with, you can always use your imagination and creativity to do something productive with it. Don’t be afraid to experiment, what could be your down-side? Nothing!  Whatever you create is something wonderful. Your creation is not stained by your agenda. Your creation flows through you. You just hand-deliver the baby that She gave birth to. Whatever you create, it will be meaningful for people beyond your comprehension. And whatever She initiates, know that it must be good.

The moment you create, the moment you engage with the mystery of life and all of the Tao's messengers, you are receiving the best present you can ever receive. Everyone gets this present but it takes an experienced Tao traveler to recognize it in all situations. The silence, the energy, the joy of working together with this precious moment is always touching and sometimes overwhelming. We couldn’t be more grateful for all these wonderful opportunities to join life and create with the Tao!

Realize that whatever life brings to you, you have an ingredient to become a creator; you become grateful and feel empowered at the same time. Give and take, passive and active, yin and yang; you perceive the vision of wholeness in every situation. All you ever needed is already given to you!  Create, make whole and enjoy!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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