Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Spiritual Assertiveness

The fact is that before being “assailed” by what may seem to be such terrifying unnatural ideas, you have already blocked off an endless variety of far less drastic ones, any of which you could have expressed quite safely and naturally in daily life. Your problem then is not how to deal with normal aggressiveness, but how to handle it when it has remained unexpressed, ignored, and denied over a long period of time.
(Seth in The Nature of Personal Reality)

A colleague of mine resigned quite unexpectedly. In private she admitted that she knew that it was time to move on when she suffered from road-rage in her daily commutes. I respected that decision. I know that she will build something new with that amazing energy that she has. But I also hope that the message of this blog will reach her somehow. In her work she had put enormous stress on others to push through her agenda. Yet, when it was her time to shine, her moment to be in the limelight, she somehow shied away. She somehow didn't "close the deal" that she had so painstakingly worked towards. There is a negative belief set buried somewhere in her that needs to be overridden somehow. It takes great effort to do that, but it can be done. Every day in fact is a new opportunity to try again!

For all of us, spiritual or not, there is a time to advance and there is a time to retreat. There is a time to be passive and a time to be aggressive. The Universe was built in one Big Bang of infinite power. If God can be forceful, why shouldn't we? We all have inbuilt biases, some we have to accept as our unique style, but some negative belief sets we have to get out of our system. Spirituality can be a convenient excuse not to face up to what we are afraid of deep inside. Be all you can be here and now. Sometimes you have to assert yourself while often you can just go with the flow. The Tao will let you know what to do.

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