Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Live a Little

I have a spiritual idiosyncrasy, I look for hidden messages in license plates. Yesterday I saw one that read, "evil 1", which I guess the owner meant to read as "evil one". The only thing though, in my methodology I take the messages reading from left to right as the ego message and the message from right to left - just as in Hebrew - as the spiritual one. Using this technique, the message suddenly became "I LIVE". Wow, what a difference!

I actually had all forgotten about this little play on words this morning when I read the post of a fellow traveler in the Spiritual Networks Community who said that he is already vegetarian but that he still feels a residual aggression in him that scares him; so he is taking the vow never to hurt anyone intentionally. When a I saw his message I only thought to myself, "live a little."

All thoughts are tainted by the "I". We can take this insight to the conclusion that we retreat to the Himalayas and meditate, or we just accept this fact and live life to its fullest, always trying to put our best foot forward. The voice in your head will always play merry-go-around games with you and can see evil intentions in any of life's actions. But you always have the choice to step outside of it. Embrace life, decide on the spot how to respond to the holy Now and your divine intuition will make all decisions for you. Live a little, and She will take you Home.

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