Saturday, May 30, 2015

What Drives You?

I know someone who is lucky enough to be married to a really attractive woman, and he will have no qualms admitting after a few beers - with a lot of gesturing - that he "likes 'em big". Hearing that I only thought, "well, he is an honest man who obviously knows what he wants", but otherwise didn't think much of his statement except perhaps that it was a little crude. I also know a well-to-do man from a developing economy who is extremely proud of his success story, and all he ever talks about is wealth, taxes and golf club memberships. I find his mindset offensive, and if I wasn't for the fact that deep down inside he is a charming and loving man, I probably wouldn't associate with him.

They say that Americans have a hang-up with sex, whereas the French have a hang-up with money. It is a flaw of character, the Americans would say, to have a mistress, whereas the French would probably just shrug their shoulders. In contrast, the French might argue that money is something that you have, and otherwise don't talk about; whereas some Americans proudly display their wealth. It is ok to have preferences, we all have them. What some consider crude, others consider cool. You can't be friends with everybody. Just choose the attributes you enjoy and attract into your life everyone who makes you happy.

I am a goal-getter and have been all my life. I remember once a friend saying to me, when I played the German card game Skat with my room mates, "I didn't know that you are so intense". Well, it was a surprise to me too, whereas today I realize how much energy and drive I have in me and proudly burn it in my sports, writing and work. I now know what drives me whereas in early days I brushed the so-called ugly stuff under the carpet in the name of spirituality. Well, it turns out that you can't do that. Demons pop up on a lonely full moon night to remind you of what is really important to you. So be honest about your dark energies and do something constructive with them. For a spiritual traveler there is always a Way.

I have changed a lot in recent years; I have in fact become much more understanding of people who have an agenda. We all have one and we spiritual folks are sometimes just not honest with ourselves. Some want to go meditating in Tibet when deep down inside they are just afraid of what is hidden in the dark corners of their soul. Some look down on greed, lust and competition but aspire consciously or subconsciously to become a guru everyone looks up to. But all that is ok. We all are a little misguided in our motives but eventually we figure out what is important to us. Find out what drives you and do something constructive with it. That's what life is here for.

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