Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love Your Shadow

Our shadow is a part of us but we want to hide it from the public since society cannot accept some of our desires. We may in fact enjoy our so-called darker side, like having a lover on the side, cutting corners at work, or enjoy group sex or gambling, to name just a few.  Because we know the society cannot accept these drives, we develop a super ego and beat ourselves up over them; we don’t want to associate with our shadow drive and want to be "proper" instead, and in doing so, we become split.

Spirituality is about embracing every part of ourselves, beautiful or ugly. Take them into our heart and love them without any condition.  There is no telling how exactly you transcend this conflict. You may experiment with it, may disown it, or embrace it. In either way, you will always be able to love all aspects of your being. And as you do, the light streams away the perceived darkness. Life is there for you to give you the opportunity to become whole.

When we realize that we are spiritual and holy regardless of what lies beneath, we suddenly become relaxed and easy. We discover our wholeness and realize that we are perfect already. We are here to experience human life and not to become anything. We are perfect as we are to experience the diversity and beauty of life. When we love every part of us, suddenly we realize that God loves all of these seemly broken parts; we are the perfect creation of God. Always remember, no matter what lurks beneath, we love you!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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