Monday, June 1, 2015

What is Your Story?

When you honestly look at your life, you cannot help observing that there are so many inconsistencies. Well-meaning intentions that have very different subconscious motives. Sexual instincts that are mistaken for love. Professional ambitions that are hidden by the feeling of friendship. Spiritual longings that plaster over fears and dislikes. This list goes on and I am sure that you could fill in a few paragraphs on this dreadful subject yourself.

So what do you to with this insight? Are you bold enough to embrace it? I am asking you though, does it even matter? If your intention is pure, you might as well keep on going just as you have done before. Life is the greatest healer and story teller of them all. The Great Spirit knows all these lies but She looks beyond them and always gives you the opportunity to make a love story out of it. 

Yet, the Way can only build a bridge. It is a mere manifestation of a possibility; a Hollywood script as an alternative ending so to speak. This is your story, make it a good one. You are God's Co-Creator so please make good use of your creative powers. Never mind the impurity of the past, or the sin your ego cannot forgive. Keep your eyes on your spiritual mission and respect the vastness and wisdom of life to help you reaching for the stars. 

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