Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dark Force - Be Gone

The dog days are over. The dog days are gone. Here come the horses, so you better run.
(Florence and the Machine, Dog Days are Over)

A post by Doreen Virtue from December 2012:
"It must be frustrating to be dark energy right now. No matter what the dark forces do, in spiritual truth, nothing bad can happen to us:
• Our soul is eternal and can never die.
• Even if we’re “killed,” we can come right back if we want.
• We can always choose happiness, no matter what’s going on.
• No one can take away your inner peace, unless you allow it.
• Love is the ONLY power that exists, in spiritual truth.
• Everything always works out for the best.
• Crises bring out the best in people, and cause them to band together.
• There are great blessings and progress that arise out of tragedy.

By choosing peace, love, and forgiveness you are completely insulated from dark forces. Because dark forces only have power if we individually allow it to take away our peace-of-mind.
Choose peace! You can almost hear the dark forces saying: “Curses! Foiled again!” Hang in there! We’re almost over the hump of exiting the old energy, and bringing in the Golden Age.

Please don’t drag along the old energy with you.
Let it all go!"

Whether I personally had a chance to let it all go by December 2012 I cannot tell. What was curious though, I wrote a very similar note at exactly the same time:(
Now it is July 2015 and I can proudly state that I let go of a dark force that I have tried to shake for a good seven years. It is not easy to let go what you think is important to you even though you know that it hurts you. The snake has to wiggle a little to let go of its old skin but eventually it just falls off. So another spiritual traveler has left a dark energy field behind; will you be next?

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