Saturday, July 4, 2015

Thank You

I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life.
(Dido, Thank You)

We enjoy our encounter with people in our daily life; a sincere "hello" to a stranger walking on the street, a warm greeting to the concierge of our apartment building, a cheerful "hi" to the waitress in the restaurant, or a simple “how are you?” to the cashier in the supermarket. All these short interactions warm our hearts and lift our spirits whenever we make a meaningful connection. We enjoy all our little encounters; the words don't matter so much, these meetings are really energy exchanges. 

And then there are the more involved relationships that we treasure so much, our family, our friends and the people we spend so much time with in our daily activities. When we form a loving friendship we naturally support each other. But more than that, we discover why we are here: to experience pure love! Every group of like-minded people builds on each other and the union is so much stronger than the sum of individuals. The support of the group lifts everyone who is part of it. You can feel the Holy Spirit amidst the union. Fact of the matter is, we have a soul partnership with everyone. Please make sure that you find your ways to celebrate them daily.

See how differently you feel when you hang out with your friends, and when you are willing to share your emotions with others rather than facing them alone. You are a part of a network of connections, ready to receive and exchange feelings, moods, ideas and inspirations. Give and receive them freely and enjoy each other's company. Friendship, family and love is a big first step towards creating Heaven on earth. You and your soul mates are going Home together, each lifting and guiding the other. Taste the trust and the peace to be with a loved one; experience the fire of merging with another soul.

On this special day we thank everyone who joins our journey and gives us the chance to experience love along the Way. Thank you!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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