Friday, July 3, 2015

The Problem with Casual Sex

A spiritual author once remark that when you sleep with someone you carry an invisible bond with that person for many years. As a first thought you might ask, what is the problem with that? After all, isn't the whole point of spirituality to unite, integrate and bond together? Well yes, but will you understand the energies that you are carrying with you afterwards? The whole point of spirituality is to bring subconscious processes out in the conscious. If you live with your partner for decades you cannot help merging into one transformed being. Growing up together and synchronizing spiritually is often fun, but there are also these periods when you experience extreme stress and pain. It is hard to let go of your old skin and grow into a new one.

A different author had the suggestion that epilepsy is the remnant energy of an overactive sexual lifestyle in a previous life. Whether this is true or not I certainly don't know, but it would be consistent with the idea that casual sex leads forms an invisible bond between people that needs to be worked off afterwards.

All these ideas were running through my head as I bumped into an attractive woman with a superb figure. Of course our testosterone levels run wild when we have these encounters, but for anyone who has been in a long-term relationship, you also remember the incredible uphill struggle to make it work. The purpose of the body of the opposite is to get hooked and fall in love with a soul. Enjoy the honey like a bee when you discover it, but don't jump from flower to flower to find a better quality. Enjoy instead the spiritual transformation process of two souls that become one.

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