Thursday, July 30, 2015

It doesn't matter where you go, because there you are!

The Law of Attraction follows you around just like your skin. The longings of your soul are imprinted deep into your sub-consciousness and you pull people and life events in, just as a light house attracts boats into the harbor. You may consciously influence this energy field with some life changing insights, or may solve internal struggles with the help of a life coach, but essentially you always carry around the same movie plot. Certainly, some of your soul demands may get eventually met; that is, the feeling of "been there, done there" somehow gets implanted into your genes. Some of your aversions may also get helped by changing a job or parting with a problematic person, but new ones will always stand ready to play with you just like before.

Cutting off ties with your children is, well, stupid because they are you. Leaving your spouse is a possibility, though a new one with new issues will likely be just around the corner. Just personally, I left my family with their problems back in my home-country, but now have my in-laws to deal with instead. I certainly will not pick a third continent to start it over all again; so what choice do I have but accepting healing right here and now. 

Work provides you with similar important soul connections. The financial pressures and social obligations that you perceive are nothing but a trick to keep you in the game to deal with people and issues you normally wouldn't. Don't curse the people who you think cause your pain, and don't regret the mortgage, health and school bills either; just enjoy the priceless opportunity to be transformed the way your sub-conscience wants you to. Sure, sometimes it is fine to shout "enough is enough", pick up your stuff and leave. But always remember, it doesn't matter where you go, because there you are!

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