Sunday, July 12, 2015

Memes: Positive or Negative, That is the Question

Talk about your blessings more than about your problems.
(Quote from the Spiritual Networks community)

As a member of the Spiritual Networks community, I enjoy giving and receiving uplifting messages to remind each other who we truly are, and where we are going. The disconnect though, life has its ups and downs, so when we look only at life's upside, we are bound to brush something essential under the carpet from time to time? So how can we square this circle?

A Tao Traveler has an eye to see the Phoenix rise from the ashes, so we are naturally less devastated when life turns sour. But then, we also see the seeds of destruction in exuberant periods, while others still party. So who can say whether we are really any happier than all the  other folks. The one advantage the Tao Traveler has over others, we have fewer expectations and are more interested in what life has to offer on the next step along the Way. We experience life as is and see spiritual gems where others see trifles or nothing at all. In happy periods or less happy ones, there are always presents waiting for us along the Way.

Perhaps we can think of these life-affirming messages as memes; they drill themselves into us, for better or worse. Given this choice, why wouldn't we pick the better over the worse? But then, if you always talk about the blue sky scenario, your friend may get caught in the rain. The simple solution, make your memes situation specific. It is in your power to provide blessings and divine boons at times, just as it is your obligation to caution others when trouble seems to be on the horizon. And sometimes you simply have to reserve the right to shut up! In any case, make sure that you have your own support system where you can let off some steam at times. Divine soul or not, we are as human as everyone.

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