Saturday, July 11, 2015

Shadow Boxing

I honestly profess, I get mad at people and situations just like everyone else. If anything, my break-through moment came when I allowed that anger in me to bubble to the surface, rather than brushing it away in the name of spirituality. Yet, if and when my anger is directed towards people or situations, at the back of my mind, there is always an observer who reminds me that this pain I am expressing, is about me, not them.

Do you know what venting is? I learned what venting is all about when I read, "White Men Can't Hump" by Todd Wooten, which was full of incredible psychological insights, but the author also understood that he was caught in the traditional black and white racial antagonism, so from time to time he would just say, "sorry, I am venting now", and out came pages after pages of accusations, assaults and profanities. Yup, that is the point of venting. You let go off steam, and afterwards you go on as if nothing has happened.

The world is a mirror. All the problems that we are facing has us as part of the problem statement. Once you realize that, you have for the first time something to work with. I often tell my spiritual co-travelers when they complain about politics, environmental destruction, capitalism, etc., that unless they choose to become part of the system, they are only shadow boxing. Focus on the problems that contain you as part of it, because that is the only level where you can actually implement change. But then, perhaps they are just venting. That is fine too.

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