Monday, July 13, 2015

Reaching Goals With Each Step of the Way

Too often we set up goals and then run to reach them. We are not happy unless we can achieve these goals. The problem with that approach, we lose plenty of opportunities to enjoy and appreciate life as is. Our eyes are constantly set on the horizon, and we trampling on what is right beneath our feet. We also feel that we are not good enough. Somehow we only cut it when we reach this self-imposed goal, like losing some weight, finding that dream partner, having kids or getting the promotion at work.The truth is, we are already perfect exactly where we are, as long as we appreciate what is. 

Sure, we can set up different goals. However, our happiness, joy, and peace shouldn’t   dependent on whether we achieve these goals or not. Instead, we focus on what we can do and enjoy life at this moment. Fact of the matter is, our life is a journey and not a series of destinations. Our life is connected, moment by moment, and successes or failures are both part of the story line. 

Have you ever experienced that you reached a goal and still felt empty afterwards. The Golfer David Duval experienced this shock when he won his first and only Major: "What, that's it!", he said to himself the night afterwards. In fact, he never really recovered from that shock and his career slumped. So why should we waste our life living this way? Learn to be one with whatever it is you are experiencing; let it be pain, joy, difficulty, or bliss. Be present with whatever is flowing through you. In this way, you can appreciate life fully. 

Let life unfold as it is destined to be. Let's focus on what we can do at this moment while keeping at the back of our mind where we intend to go. This way we join the flow of life and avoid the illusionary battlefield of our mind. Have fun friends!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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