Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pious and Wild

Pious women dream about forbidden romance and lust. Promiscuous women dream about finding that special someone. This tension is in the psychological literature referred to as the  "Madonna and the Whore Problem". It is not difficult to find out where this conflict originated. Christianity developed the Madonna image, and the Christian mindset pretty much conquered, raped and murdered the existing pagan belief system at that time; just as the European settlers conquered, raped and murdered the Native Americans. Now we are caught in that tension of what our religious super ego thinks is right, and what our body feels is right.

Let me ask you, why is that dilemma not called the "Tension of the Prude and the Woman" instead? As it turns out, thanks to the spectacular fame of the singer Madonna, the meaning of the Madonna and the Whore Complex has been stripped of all its meaning anyhow. The so-called pagans didn't have a problem with sexuality, Christians did. It is time to go back to our roots, while holding on to Jesus' discovery of unconditional love and the Holy Spirit among (wo)mankind.

We are back on a journey to our origin where we leave the age of sexual repression behind, but also don't just have meaningless and random sex. Spiritual wholeness implies that we creatively react to the situation that presents itself. We dance with the energy of the Way and express the language of our heart. Today's spiritual woman is pious and wild all at the same time. Just as it was in the olden days before the gates of the Garden of Eden opened.

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