Friday, August 28, 2015

When the Sword of Discrimination Falls

It is said that Japan samurai in the olden days repeated a mantra every day, "I am already dead", to be mentally prepared for the upcoming next fight that might well bring death with it. But once you have nothing to fear in battle, you might as well be positively surprised to live another day.

The ego melts in the heat of the holy now. We spiritual travelers also don't know what will come our way. What we know, however, come what may, it will be spiritually meaningful to us. Decisions present themselves and the "sword of discrimination" cuts through illusion and make-belief of the ego. In fact, we need this thrill of the moment, the fear of not knowing what comes next. Otherwise we would be helplessly exposed to to the ruminating thought process, and our egotistic cravings. 

Don't fear the uncertainty of the holy now. Just like the samurais of the olden days, let the "sword of discrimination" fall and see for yourself what the next moment will bring. Choices are here to help you find yourself. The edge you are standing on is necessary to force you to get in tune with what lies deep inside of you. Let the magic of the moment win you over, and rest assured, more likely than not you will live to enjoy another magic day!

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