Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Spiritual Mountain Climbing

Explain your anger, don't express it, and you will immediately open the door to solutions instead of arguments.
(Quote from Spiritual Networks)

A lot of spiritual folks mind their day to day jobs - myself included - and we long to express our spiritual creativity instead; we want to be free from economic necessities, the pressure to perform, and the ugliness in human interactions when wills and agendas clash.

I am hardly the one to tell you not to go after your dreams when you feel the opportunity arises to express your spiritual path professionally, but I would say that you already have a priceless opportunity to express your spirituality here and now in your so-perceived "bread and butter occupation". 

The quote from above speaks volumes of how every perceived challenge can be used as a stepping stone to advance on your spiritual path. My philosophy at work happens to be that every resistance, frustration, and negative thought is mine; whereas all the scary and menacing messengers are in fact nothing but a mirror, reflecting my own issues back to me.

The image I have in my head when resistance comes my way is that of a mountain climber. All the negative stuff I look through because I know that it would only be step down from where I am already am, while I put all my focus on the the one chance - the next indent in the wall -
 that will give me the opportunity to advance towards my goal. 

Yes, I am just like mountain climber, reaching all my professional goals while being true to my spiritual nature. Why don't you join me on this journey up and away!

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