Monday, May 16, 2016

Sliding Doors

The world changes as you change.
(Byron Katie)

Perhaps you saw the movie "Sliding Doors", describing a couple of parallel lives of an attractive PR woman who had just been laid off. In the first scene she makes it to the subway just in time after she receives the devastating news, coming home early enough to find her boyfriend in bed with another woman. In the alternative scene - an alternative life as it turns out - Gwyneth Paltrow was interrupted on her way to the tube by a little girl, so she misses the train, and ends up getting mugged on her way home; she doesn't learn about the affair until much later and everything changes as a consequence.

What is so remarkable about this movie is that the viewer can see how Gwyneth lives through all the emotions at the same time in both lives; she only experiences them with different characters and assigns different meanings to them. In both cases she meets the new love of her life, but unfortunately can spend only very little time with him in the first thought experiment - she dies in his arms after a car accident. So it turns out that the little angel who delays her in the subway ends up saving her life that way, and Gwyneth will probably live a "happy ever after" with her new lover.

While I don't know anything about parallel universes, I can tell you a thing or two about the WAY. It is true that our choices define the world that interacts with us. A spiritual path is all about leaving interferences behind, and with it, we open our eyes to different occurrences and and are introduced to new opportunities to advance spiritually every step of the WAY. It is as if we remove the blinders from our eyes and are thus finally able to see the true love of our life.

I learned something about parallel universes when I tried weaning myself off sexual chats rooms and pornography. Without fail in the days after I had "indulged", I experienced my interactions with the other sex much differently than I do today. Often I subconsciously zoomed into bodies and had to force myself to see the friendly face instead of just a hot figure. We attract what is on our mind, subconsciously as well as consciously, that's the Law of Attraction. 

"Karma is a bitch" they say, and there is certainly an inevitability in the stuff we experience. Yet how we experience karma is entirely up to us. It is us who assigns meaning to what happens to us. Once you follow the WAY life will send you little nudges like the angel who delays your departure  in the nick of time to introduce you to something much better. Keep connected to the WAY and enjoy the story you are creating for your SELF. 

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