Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Follow the Light

We are
unable to

the LOVE
towards us

We have it all wrong. It is not our desires that we need to be mindful of, it is all the falsehood and pretense; it is all the wrong choices that we make. The problem is that we have a wrong image of ourselves; the mistake is that we pursue the wrong goals by clinging to a persona that is not us. We are going against the wind for absolutely no reason.

Becoming a spiritual traveler is like learning a foreign language. Slowly but surely it dawns on us what we need to do much to have it all. All we have to do is to follow the LIGHT. The language that every spiritual travelers learns to understand and speak is that of LOVE. It always leads us in a direction that allows us to express ourselves.

Life is here to help us express our desires while steadily evolving our spiritual consciousness. It is a constant invite to accept who we are, while going after what is meaningful to us. Along the WAY the soul rejoices while the SELF shines through. Be who you were born to be along the WAY - just follow the LOVE and the LIGHT.

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