Sunday, June 5, 2016

When Life is Perfect as Is

Looking at the yin and yang symbol of Taoism, you could say that a black whale with white eyes is swimming next to a white whale with black eyes. Man and wife converge to a perfect energy balance of male and female attributes after living with each other for a few years. And the  sinner has a future, just as the saint has a past. It is always the same idea, life has a tendency to become whole when we open up to it.

The zen statement of life is that it is as is. Yet, the more advanced spiritual version reads, it is as it is, and as is, is perfect. The ocean is in perfect harmony when the white-eyed black whale synchronizes with the black-eyed white whale. When yang energy lives in harmony with yin energy, GOD is present as well. And when the light-worker opens up to her dark side Angels celebrate as much as when the sinner awakens to the WAY.

Let me give you a personal little example that shows upside even in painful occurrences. I work as a financial strategist and have some stressful high pressure moments when investment recommendations go sour. But who knows, perhaps without this stressful job I may never have opened up to my spiritual journey. It was after all the confusion and despair when a VOICE popped up inside whispering, "hey, there must be another way!"

Everything that happens in our life is perfect from the perspective of our soul development. Accept life, embrace it and run with it. Wholeness is yours to discover. While pleasure and pain are both part of the spiritual journey, chances are there will be a day when you conclude that the journey is just perfect as is.

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