Sunday, August 14, 2016

On Meeting Others along the WAY

You've got to know
when to hold 'em,
know when to fold 'em,
know when to walk away,
know when to run.
(The Gambler, Kenny Rogers)

In the early stage of our spiritual development there is still a lot we don't know about ourselves. It could well be that at this part of our journey we have to figure out who we need to hang out with and who we should avoid. We may receive signals when to walk away from a situation, and in extreme cases, when to run.

But then, the further we advance along our spiritual path, the more we start recognizing ourselves in the people we meet. That's when the fear leaves us; after all, why would we be afraid of ourselves? So we work with everyone to the best of our abilities. Mostly we hold on to each other and start falling in love, while on some occasions we drift apart. We are protected from evil along the WAY as we emit frequencies that leaves scheming people utterly uninterested in us. Along the WAY only the innocent, and the ones on a healing path, are interested in hanging out with us. 

Ascension implies that everyone we meet is a messenger of our SELF. Let's welcome them as GOD in disguise.

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