Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Rewards of Spiritual Blogging (Continued)

Just when I celebrated the traction our blog receives
I observed a noticeable drop in visitor traffic. Part of the explanation might be technology since I haven't been able to connect to Google Plus recently. Also, I have seen these ups and downs before, so another wave of visitors might be upcoming. Still, I asked myself what exactly would I do if Google decided to cut off support for these blogs as they no longer seem as fashionable as they once were.

My friend Su Zhen argued along the theme of my last note that in the end these notes are meaningful for our own spiritual evolution, so a drop in visitors shouldn't stop us from writing and sharing them. My own inkling on this was that connections matter as much as personal insights, so if a medium of communication no longer works as it used to, we should move on to other mediums to boost the connections. 

But then, what exactly do we want to accomplish by traveling the TAO? It is about experiencing GOD every step of the WAY, isn't it? We can find HER at work, at home, in spiritual communities, in all of our daily interactions. Connecting with our fellow travelers is important, reflecting on our own spiritual evolution is too, but most important of all is our divine connection every step of the WAY. Follow the spiritual pointers first and foremost, all the insights and means of communication will develop naturally.

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