Friday, October 7, 2016

Christ's Message to Humanity, Go all the WAY

I remember posting a note on numerology in a spiritual yahoo community many years ago, and a virtual voice that appeared like an Angel at the time commented that 33 is Jesus' number. Unfortunately she didn't elaborate.

A few years later I saw an astrological program on television that claimed that there was a blood moon on Passover, April 3, 33. According to the New Testament's Blood Moon description of Jesus' Crucification, this must have been the sad historic day. What a symbolic message as well 7 - 4 + 3 - the numerical symbol describing the end, in the year 33, Jesus' number. However, if you argue that Jesus was 33 year old when he died, the math unfortunately doesn't seem to add up. The same astrological source claimed that there was a star over Bethlehem on Christmas Day, 12/25 in the year 2 before our Western calendar started. Based on these astrological findings, Jesus would have been 35 at the time of his death instead.

I make different symbolic sense of the number 33. Matthew 18:20 states, "Whenever two or more gather in My Name, there I Am amongst them." We can read the number 33 as the Holy Communion, the blessed state when my Holy Trinity merges with yours, 33 in short.

The other day I found yet another reference to the number 33. I learned that the spine has 33 bones. How symbolic, the spine is the symbol for enlightenment, that is, the energy axis that connects the 7 chakras. The implication is clear enough, besides healing and lifting each other up, we also have the mandate to aim for enlightenment. Christ's message to humanity, go all the WAY!

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