Saturday, October 15, 2016

Embrace Change, for that's the WAY

There is nothing permanent except change.

The spiritual community I am hanging out in - the Spiritual Networks - has been losing some long-standing members recently. I am told by some old-timers that these ups and downs have happened before. Still, I feel a bit burnt on the subject given that I remember the time when a vibrant community I was part of - the Personal Development for Smart People - shut down over some quarrels of the owners at the time.

It is true what they say, for every door that closes, another one opens. Just on the eve when the Personal Development for Smart People community was about to shut down I met Su Zhen. She joined the community from Hong Kong while I lived in Boston, and we both made an effort to stay in contact afterwards. Su Zhen has become my best friend, and wrote many spiritual notes together with me. I also then found the Spiritual Networks community a while later, and made many new friends there as well, just as I do these days on facebook.

If you are facing a big transitions in your life right now, relax. Over and over I have found at work, in my spiritual as well as in my private life that changes are here to introduce us to something bigger and better. Sure, transitions require change on our side, but when we are clear about our goals, we are sure to follow the SIGNS of the WAY to make a change. Just one example, to stay in contact with Su Zhen when she lived in Hong Kong with a 12 hour time difference, I had to get up at 4:44 am to find the time to hang out with each other. But I was amply rewarded when she in fact moved to Boston for a while and today lives in the same time zone in Canada.

Embrace change, for that's the WAY. 

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