Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Symbol of the Crow

In this note I described how over the course of a few years I have managed to step out of the battle of good and evil. It was simply a choice, the battle of good and evil exists if you believe in it. But since then, good and bad, weak and strong, success and failure, have all merged into something much grander and more magnificent. It's called life, in all its beautiful manifestations.

The other day I met the painting of the crow again. It is now hanging in the office of a colleague I have not managed to look eye-to-eye professionally for a while now, even though I have always considered him as my friend. When I pointed this painting out to him he told me that pretty much since the week when he chose it for his office his portfolio performance turned sour. I reminded him that the symbol of the crow is messenger of our dark side, but it is also a power symbol. So perhaps he can choose to see it in this light from here on. "I certainly like power", he responded, "that's why I must have chosen it in the first place." Well, I certainly have made friends with the crow, and I hope he will too. On that day I found a giant dark feather on my porch. I hope that the blessing of this power symbol got transferred to my friend that day.

Shakespeare once said, "Nothing is either good nor bad, only thinking makes it so." He must have been a wise man. The world we live in is beyond good and evil. May the symbol of the crow guide us on our journey beyond good and evil.

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