Friday, October 14, 2016

Think Big - Think Meaning - Think Creativity

Building your dream
has to start now.
There's no other way,
I'll be guiding you.

It is fall of 2016 and I experience a transition of sorts with very little idea what will be coming next. I could see the next move up in my career as a financial strategist, but I also realize how much work is necessary to get there, and I am increasingly unwilling to do it. But then, I currently also lack the vision of how I could bring my spiritual contributions to the next level. So I just sit here and try to keep my options open until a clearer picture emerges.

"Stay in the game", I always advise people who experience a similar confusing transition period. Confusion is something that we spiritual travelers also experience on occasions, but what separates us is that we have an unshaken trust that a higher authority is building the foundation for something bigger and better while we flexibly wait for SIGNS telling us how to proceed from here. Nothing is random in our life, everything is carefully planned, often years, and sometimes decades in advance. Sure, the choice in which direction to proceed is entirely ours, but a fairy-tale outcome is always at our disposal.

Think big, think meaning, think creativity. Your destiny lies in your hand, but to launch it, let the WAY guide you.

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