Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Michigan is Calling

I experienced a work-related synchronicity earlier this year that sent me on an amazing professional roller-coaster ride. I was sitting on the fence with an investment case and didn't really want to get involved, but when a colleague "accidentally" kicked me under the table in an investment meeting, I just knew that it was my time to say something. The fateful kick beneath the table that sent me on a professional journey that looked like a wild goose chase for months, but turned out to be spectacularly right in the end, and put me as a global investor on the map.

It is hard to put the magic we spiritual travelers experience every day in words. Mostly we are also not any different than the ordinary folks, and we certainly experience life's ups and downs like everyone. When we do have an edge on occasions, it is because we experience the law of ONENESS in front of our astonished eyes. We use the fact that all our minds are connected in a giant network, and all we have to do is to pick up the gems that our friends, the people in the street, and sometimes even an occasional "foe", hand to us. Synchronicity is just reminder that this is a metaphysical world that not everyone is able to perceive.

In the aftermath of the Trump presidency election, I had a similar moment when I felt it was my job to chime into a geopolitical discussion after a colleague accidentally touched me with his foot under the table. But just as I was pushing the microphone button to speak, I found my phone vibrating. It was a prank call so I ignored it, but when I looked where it was coming from, it said Michigan. "Oh", I thought to myself, "Michigan is calling! Apparently the trade tensions will be as contested as we were promised during the debates." So I used my professional right to shut up. Again, very much like the chain of events earlier this year, I never know anything about what comes next, but it sure is fun to get the little pointers along the WAY. 

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