Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Way of the Meister (Revised)

I'm already there.
Take a look around,
I'm the sunshine in your hair,
I'm the shadow on the ground,
I'm the whisper in the wind,
I'm your imaginary friend.
And I know I'm in your prayers,
oh I'm already there.
(Lonestar, I am already there)

The German word Meister can be translated as "master of a craft". This notion developed in the Middle Ages when the artisans emerged as a class and the knowledge of the trade was handed down from one generation to the next. After seven years of apprenticeship the students had earned the right to practice the tradition as an independent Meister on their own. It has been more than seven years since the dawn of my spiritual path. One day I simply felt that something had shifted inside of me and then spent years reading, soul-searching and comparing travel logs with other spiritual travelers. I wrote my initial findings up in "The Magnificent Experiment", and consider these findings from today's perspective as something of a spiritual honeymoon period. Years of hard work followed as well. I certainly made my fair share of mistakes, and still do, but today I might be in a position to hand some of this magic on to the next generation of spiritual travelers.

Being a Meister, though, may disappoint your current expectations as you read this book. Yes, we have the power, and yet, we don't. And once we want the power, it for sure disappears. Perhaps the best example I can give in this direction is my personal wake-up call when I first read "A Course in Miracles". It is a book that channeled the wisdom of Christ to an unsuspecting Jewish psychologist. It is one of the most beautiful spiritual treasures I have come across in my life, but it really seemed dense when I first read it. I somehow made it through seven hundred pages of insights but afterwards I was still left wondering, "So how exactly does one perform miracles?" It took me a second read, or perhaps even a third to finally understand that the book is all about opening up to love. That's the miracle.

The ego wants. We can't change that even if we are experienced spiritual travelers. We want peace; we want love, and we secretly wish for a little acknowledgement that we have figured out the meaning of life, while few others have. Being a Meister implies that we understand this bias, but that with life's help we still manage to merge with the WAY, mostly, that is. We might still be taken for a ride by our ego, but GOD has wrapped us up in a metaphysical world that always offers us the choice to be with GOD here and now. There is alchemy at work that transforms our personal agenda into a spiritual gem. What gem will you polish out of the rough?

Did you know that Eckhart Tolle's spiritual bestseller "The Power of Now" was turned down by one publisher on the ground that this concept was as old as spirituality itself. That was true, yet, Eckhart Tolle still managed to conquer millions of hearts and minds by storm with his simple idea. He found his signature, his personal stamp to square the circle, just as you will find yours. Eckhart Tolle chose his pen name from Meister Eckhart, the German medieval mystic who many of us revere. There is a gem waiting for you that will upgrade you to the spiritual Meister level. Find it, but understand that you are already "there

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