Wednesday, January 25, 2017


As I stood in front of the bathroom mirror this morning, before the first cup of coffee had really kicked in, I thought to myself that I would really like to fast forward this year which is likely full of professional uphill struggle. But then, as I finished my second cup of coffee an hour later while sitting in the garage of our firm and facing a contentious investment comment I had to make, as well as the prospect of hosting a meeting I'd rather live without, suddenly the fighter instinct kicked in. "You bet that I am taking this day head-on", a voice whispered in my ear.

It is all about perspectives and we can learn to zoom into or out of different point of views just as we like. I remember a story from Vivekananda as he was on a pilgrimage with some other monks to visit a shrine up way in the mountains. An old monk walking next to him looked at the intimidating size of the appearing mountain on the horizon and mumbled in despair, "I can't do it!" Vivekananda took his arm and said, "Come on brother, focus on the steps in front of you and we get there together."

It we want to solve the problems of the world we will likely get overpowered pretty fast, but when we engage with the problems life throws at us, while not forgetting about our mission and passions, the sky is the limit on what we can accomplish. GOD wants us to write our life story with purpose and meaning and has created the maya called life with all its little struggles to allow our emotions and subconscious drives to catch up with our vision.

Let life help you get the stuff that holds you back out of the system. One step at a time and GOD will show you the WAY!

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