Monday, January 16, 2017

Spiritual Pioneers

I lose my balance on these eggshells
you tell me to tread,
I'd rather be a wild one instead.
Don't wanna hang around the in-crowd,
the cool kids aren't cool to me,
they're not cooler than we are.

We will carve our place into time and space
We will find our way, or we'll make a way.
Find you're great, don't you hide your face,
let it shine, shine, shine, shine, shine, shine.
(Wild Things, Alessia Cara)

We spiritual travelers are different. We see the world from a new angle, and have other reactions to life's events than the so-called normal folks. It took me a while to get my arms around my spiritual attributes, but today I enjoy the best of all worlds. I was raised by two extremely shy parents which made me shy as well. My brain also seems wired differently than most. I see patterns that few others perceive but it comes at a cost. I don't remember names well, and even have a hard time remembering faces; yet, I remember stories about people for years after even they themselves have forgotten them.

I struggled breaking into the American corporate world after graduate school. Not perfect in English and shy, I initially hung only out with other introverts. As the Continental Europe expert it was ok to be reserved and different, so I was tolerated. Still, I always felt like the odd one among the cool kids. The years went by, as did the decades. I had my career highlights, but mostly I felt like I didn't belong. Eventually it dawned on others that I have a "gift", a gift of a different mind, I saw patterns others didn't. I became a financial strategist and discovered relationships where others only saw noise. My skills secured my livelihood in the real world and it is this very "gift" that also prepares me for my next career, that of a spiritual writer. I see synchronicity in life and can write about it where others can only spot randomness.

Our spiritual community is full of odd-balls. We have empaths who wither in the presence of aggression and evil, but who can heal and lift up entire groups of people with their targeted energy vibrations when the environment is right. We have psychics who can speak to ghosts and fairies but who struggle in the real world because they appear distracted. We have healers, poets and aboriginals. Sure, we spiritual travelers need a little time and support to find a spot in the real world but eventually we become indispensable with our unique powers.

If you are going through a struggle like that know that this is unfortunately the costs pioneers have to face. There is a niche waiting for each of us but we have to find it, and unfortunately deal with a little awkwardness before the magic ride presents itself. If it wasn't for the little struggle of being considered "out there", we wouldn't be open to the new world that wants to be discovered.

GOD has reserved a spot in the KINGDOM and waits for you to claim it. Let the magic begin today and never look back!

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