Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Journey Towards Freedom

We spiritual folks rightly claim that the "ordinary folks" can be caught in a trance. It is so plain to see this fact when someone constantly runs after skinny long-legged blondes; or the greedy millionaire who still hungers for money; not to forget about the CEO who lusts for power. All of them are in a strange way possessed - insane in the extreme - for they have tunnel vision only for what is in it for them, at the expense of those who stand in their way.

Yet, we spiritual travelers are also on auto-pilot, but we are bound by a very different FORCE. We also react to energies, rules, lessons learned, but mostly the journey is designed for us to help us awaken every step of the WAY; to become more aware of what is really out there in the BEYOND that many people overlook. I would never claim that the "ordinary folks" waste their time, we are all in the same boat. They, too, leave parts of their old self behind in their daily struggles. Everyone is on a journey towards freedom, yet for some this process is more subconscious than for others.

The bachelor type who finally wakes up to the fact that true beauty cannot be found in the physical; or the power hungry CEO who has finally the wake-up call when yet another valued employee leaves due to his controlling nature; or the old familiar story of the billionaire who realizes that all that money still can't buy him love.

Maybe we humans - spiritual or not - are always bound on some level to be on auto-pilot; so we might as well make it a worthwhile journey instead. Maybe even we spiritual travelers still have a lesson or two to learn about who we truly are beneath the surface. That's why sometimes things blow up in our face, and that's why on occasions unexpected doors open up for us. Yet, when we face everything life throws at us, just like everyone else, while keeping close to the WAY, we are in a strange way already free.

The WAY is not only a journey into freedom, we experience freedom every step of the WAY.

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