Friday, January 27, 2017

The Rhythm of the WAY

“The rhythm of life is heaven first—and then earth; receive first—then give; rise first—then fall; security first—then danger”
( E. Graham Howe & William Stranger. “The Druid of Harley Street.” )

My spiritual awakening was a honeymoon of sorts. I discovered powers like synchronicity, or being able to receive messages from the BEYOND on license plates or from the lyrics of songs on the radio. You perhaps can imagine the surprise of a scientifically trained mind when beyond the possibility of a doubt - to me anyway - signs from a higher authority started appearing.

I wrote down some of my experiences in my first book, "The Magnificent Experiment" which mostly seemed magical with the occasional head-scratcher or soul-searching experience. But alas, in the years afterwards the real work started. Once you travel the WAY you get an eye for all the lingering impurities and interferences. You learn as well that in order to stay connected they all have to be removed. There is no turning back after we had a taste of bliss, so we will do whatever it takes.

It did take heavy lifting to cut out my interferences and to build a path of meaning and purpose. To remain vigilant and consistent takes effort though one day it becomes as normal as breathing. So in a sense I am reminded of a marriage where after a romantic honey-moon period the realization sinks in that work lies ahead now. The rhythm of life that Graham Howe described is apparently everywhere, in life, marriages, as well as in spiritual journeys. I look forward to the time when I can go downhill for a while just as I did in the early years of traveling the WAY, simply enjoying the ride. Until that blessed time however, I roll up my sleeves up and just get the job done.

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