Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Dream

Goes a word from mouth to mouth,
humanity will be the better for it.
This alone is worth living for.
(Peter Maffay, Lieber Gott, my translation)

I went down a hall at a social gathering being lost in my own thoughts. I felt sad. After all the years of writing I still hadn't exactly figured out what my spiritual avocation was all about. It was then when I noticed a little dog jumping up and down my leg that looked familiar. As I petted him I switched into German as I normally do when I speak to animals. A little blind girl perked up and said, "Hey, I remember you. You taught me some German words a couple of years ago. Her friend jumped in and said she also wanted to learn German. I responded, "Well, Germany will be the better for it." I had tears in my eyes and my voice was shaking because I understood that GOD had shown me my avocation, just to be there and enjoy our human connections.

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