Monday, February 20, 2017

On Aging

Remember that it is your responsibility to grow old and give your knowledge to all who walk a path laid down by the Great Spirit.
(White Buffalo Calf Woman)

I came across the mandate of the White Buffalo Calf Woman around the time when I lost a good friend to cancer. He was one month younger, German just like me and worked in the same financial industry. Sitting opposite to him in our favorite German restaurant, I knew that this could be me in some parallel universe. I had completed enough soul searching by that time to realize that I had the same frustration, repressed aggression and bitterness inside of me.

Well, there was nothing I could do about the sad situation, and apparently, neither could he. I know for a fact that my friend fought his destiny until the very end. Like me he was married with kids and he wanted to be there as father and husband for his loved ones. What this death did make me realize, however, was how much I was in need of my spiritual avocation. My upcoming career as a writer and spiritual coach gave me something to look forward to and perhaps allowed me to shoulder the pressure, bitterness and sometimes cut-thread business conditions a bit better.

I think everyone needs to have a future avocation in mind, even if a different profession is still providing the economic necessities for the time being. I was inspired once by an investor who announced that he intended to become a painter. He took drawing classes and, as I was told later, after some practice, became quite good at it. If the Great Spirit gives you the gift to make it that far, don't wait for your retirement to think about your avocation. The time to act is now. You own it to the Great Spirit.

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