Friday, February 17, 2017

Those that will be last, shall be first

A nice colleague distributes Amaryllis every Christmas to our female support staff, and I enjoyed to see the different growth spurts and cycles of these flowers dependent on how much light exposure and watering they had received.
My assistant was late in opening her box so by the time her stem was growing some of the other plants had already grown to impressive sizes by then. But then the incredible happened, under the weight of some enormous flowers, vases started to tip over. The plant of my assistant was growing steadily through all that and we in fact had already learnt what to do. We secured the vase behind her heavy metal screen and tied the flowers together as well.

To cut a long story short, my assistant's flowers were beautifully balanced and bloomed for days and weeks after some other plants had already withered away. Just as it written, those that will be last, shall be first!

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