Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Claim the Magic Moment

I asked life, "Why are you so difficult?" Life smiled and said, "You people never appreciate anything simple." (Unknown)

I see anger in my son's eyes, only to find that moments later it is gone. I instinctively understand that his foul mood is in me as well but I would never admit it. So my son is a mirror of sorts that just can't be ignored. I realize the baggage I am carry around in all the scheming, the aggressiveness and the abuse that is going on at work. It is an illusion to think that I could simply walk away from it, just as it is a pipe dream to think that my son is any different from me.

Too many spiritual travelers seek escape. They quit the so-perceived cut-throat jobs. Some even remove family members and friends who supposedly are not spiritual enough. They want to find peace, happiness and joy by withdrawing but they will never remove the inner restlessness and unhappinesses no matter how much meditation, yoga classes and gurus they pursue. No, samadhi is found in the magic moment. It can strike moment by moment even if the prior situation was rather challenging. Sometimes it is indeed the prior strain that results in the the orgasmic relief afterwards.

Peace, joy and happiness can be found in the moment at hand no matter where and no matter how many constraints life may impose on us. Disentangle your SELF from life, or rather, allow life to set you truly free by taking life's obstacle course with an open mind. Mindfulness doesn't mean we can't let our hair down a bit at the same time.

Along a spiritual path the magic moments get more numerous and more powerful all the time because we recognize the interferences for what they are. Claim the magic moment here and now.

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