Friday, March 31, 2017

Late Bloomers

Celebrity is just obscurity biding its time.
(Carrie Fisher)

Consider the perspective of a Michael Jackson or a Whitney Houston sometime during the roaring 90s. Wouldn't you think that one day it dawned on them that this might just be the height of their fame? Every passing year would be a little less fame, a little less vigor, and a little less originality.

How different the journey of a spiritual traveler turns out to be. Many of us struggle in the early part of our journey for the simple reason that we set ourselves up to run into walls in order to look for a different way. Sometimes there is nothing quite as motivating as good old-fashioned pain. But then one day we manage to peak through the clouds and start realizing what spiritual mission life has chosen for us. As Mark Twain once remarked, "The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why." Truth of the matter is, all of us have the potential for these awakenings. The greatest of us like Michael and Whitney realized much earlier in life what they were born to do and, perhaps of that, also burnt out earlier. Many of us spiritual travelers are late bloomers in contrast.

When you are one of the greatest in politics, business, entertainment or sports, you have to be carried by the ego. It is the drive that catapults them to great heights. But when the fame wanes, the hang-over unfortunately starts. In contrast, once we spiritual travelers awaken to our powers, we are driven by a much more serene energy - the flame that burns eternally, so to speak. There is no wrong or right in any of this. Each of us have to live the story we were born to do, and each of us gets a standing ovation in the SPIRIT world once we cross the finish line. Yet, if you are one of the many late-bloomers who have awaken to their spiritual mission like me, rejoice. The heavy lifting is done. From here on we will be skiing down-hill.

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