Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sexual Healing

I spent years in adult only rooms exchanging sexual fantasies with likeminded horny folks. I thought it was an ok past-time having some mutually consented steamy fun, a meeting of like-minded ordinary people with the occasional trip to the wild side. When my spiritual path opened up, however, I realized how poisonous this passion was for my peace of mind, so I had to stop it, whether I liked it or not.

I don't have many regrets about what happened in my youthful "Sturm und Drang" period, perhaps for the reason that I never met anyone for real. I felt that most of my counterparts in the the AOL and MSN chat-room communities were just other bored people who wanted to spice up their imaginary bedroom a little. But then, today I even wonder whether meeting people for real would also not have been much different. Whenever real people meet, the spiritual path is also nearby to drop some first subtle, and then some not-so-subtle hints to change course. Whenever people get together, GOD has a habit of being around; bedrooms are not excluded.

The future of this sexual fun will probably get wilder and steamier with every decade that goes by, but it will also get more isolating and more addictive in the future. With the help of virtual reality we can today create whatever the mind comes up with without involving anyone who might spoil our pleasure trip. This entertainment is bound to be addictive. You zoom into the pleasure zones of your brain to reach orgasmic highs and keep GOD for a short while at bay to tell you what really goes on. Being in real relationships with others offers the door for sexual healing; zooming into your wildest sexual fantasies only puts your ego on steroids.

I am sharing a note a wrote years ago on this subject. One day it simply hit me that in good sex thoughts simply stop and the pleasurable feelings take over. Sex is nothing but a steamy dance of partners who get so lost in the frolicking and swaying that the thoughts have no time to pop up. In contrast, spoon-feeding sugar to to the lustful voice in your head leads to an organic high with a nasty hang-over. It doesn't matter whether you are spiritual or not, we all crave peace of mind, so please try sexual healing instead.

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