Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why To Fear the Ebbs of Life?

We are scared of negative things coming our way: negative energy, destructive and hurtful emotions, negative thoughts, and unfortunate events. With our fear and our resistance we cannot really experience them fully or even allow them to flow through us. It’s very much like we don’t like rainy days or that we try our best to block negativity out of our life. However, our effort is in vain and we just can't shake the negative feeling until we have truly digested it and let go of it. Resistance and fear only delays the unavoidable and the experienced pain is so much harder.

All these struggles come from our mind labeling these events as "bad" first. We take all these occurrences and threads personally and they threaten our ego. The truth is, life is going to happen regardless of whether our mind agrees or not. The truth is, our mind doesn’t know anything about the future. The truth is, our mind doesn’t have trust in GOD.

We never really know what life is going to bring to us if we refuse to experience it, or even worse, if we already label it as "bad". We have lots of negative thoughts while we meditate. We have lots of fears about life. Sometimes there is so much negativity flowing through us that our body hurts or malfunctions. At the same time, these are the times to start digging deeper. These are the times to understand what conflicts we truly face.

The ebbs of life are there to remind us that life is an ongoing lesson and a priceless opportunity to let go of subconscious tensions. It is the time to understand ourselves and change accordingly. Life is peeling off all these layers which are not us. Life is the best life coach there is and life is definitely working in mysterious ways. With trust, we march accordingly!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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